Jonah_Art 1_Ecchima.png

"Rosabel" Character Spotlight: Jonah

A stern, brave, and determined knight of Leaf's Dawning and heir to the kingdom, prince Jonah is eager to prove himself. His loyalty lies with the throne. The young knight's greatest strength and weakness lies with the one he wishes to protect most, Rosabel.

(Character Artist: Ecchima)

Halvar, God of Battle - Lie Setiwan.JPG

"Kaldheim" Character Spotlight: Halvar, god of Battle

Halvar is selfless, stalwart, unwavering, and always the most sensible person in any room. He's an accomplished warrior but is more likely to lead by example than with inspiring speeches. He speaks with a quiet confidence that leads most people to trust him instinctively, especially in times of crisis. Within the story he battles hundred of monsters simply to protect a small village of humans on the other side of a bridge.

(Character Art: Lie Setiwan)